And finally if you think that something is wrong with your car but you're not sure what, we won't turn you away.  We have specialist diagnostics equipment on hand which we can plug into your car and download all the relevant details to help diagnose your issue.  There really is no reason to take your car anywhere else.

repairs and maintenance

what to do if your car breaks down

Unfortunately it is a fact of life that you can do everything right, get your car serviced and MOT's regularly, everything short of wrapping it up in cotton wool.  Yet unfortunately even modern cars do break down.  We want our customers to feel that their cars are in good hands when they bring their vehicles to us.  That is why we have created this page so that you can see the extent of our resources and feel confident in your choice of mechanic.

Although we keep many spares in stock, with approximately 2.47 million cars registered in the UK according to the DVLA, there is of course a risk that we may not always have parts in stock for your car.  However we have worked hard to ensure strong relationships with local suppliers many of whom are based in Byfleet itself.  This means even if we don't have the necessary parts in stock, in many cases we can source them the same day, meaning that you get your car back sooner and are inconvenienced less.

There is more to tyres than them being just round and black.  Properly aligned wheels save wear on the tyres and improve your fuel economy.  Ensuring your tyres are properly inflated has a similar effect.  At JFL we have the facilities to change tyres and check the tracking of your car.  If you bring your car in we will also check your tyre pressures for free.
Even the most hardcore of do-it-yourselfers are unlikely to have their own welding equipment.  Well don't panic we have two qualified welders on hand who have years of experience in this field.

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We pride ourselves on being able to work on all areas of car repair, we do not just try and cream off the easy jobs.  Issues with clutches, brakes, steering, exhausts, suspension, headlights, gearboxes and batteries are all part of day to day life for us at JFL Autos.  Let us know of your issue today and we will more than happily provide you with a quote.
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